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Randall Hyman. Friday 23 Jan
Parallel Science sessions, 10:30-12:00
Auditorium SVHUM E0101

Randall Hyman is an award winning journalist and photographer who spent the summer of 2013 covering science team in Svalbard and daily life along the Finnmark coast while working as a Fulbright Scholar.

Randall Hyman’s Shattered Arctic opens with a 10-minute photo montage followed by a 20-minute multimedia show and concludes with a series of his videos from the Norwegian Arctic. Q&A is interwoven throughout.  Hyman’s four months of travel in the Norwegian Arctic is the basis of this presentation along with his many articles for magazines ranging from Smithsonian to International Wildlife to National Geographic publications.

He has recently been awarded a Josephine Patterson Albright fellowship from the Alicia Patterson Foundation and will be spending much of 2015 reporting on climate change in the Norwegian Arctic.