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Part III. The Arctic's role in the global energy supply and security: Oil and gas exploration in the Arctic . Thursday 22 Jan
Parallel Science sessions, 16:00-17:00
Auditorium B1005

16:00-17:00 Oral presentations

Chair: Coco Smits & Dag Eirik Nordgård
Changes in oil exposure of fish early life stages when using dispersants to combat oil spill
Frode Vikebø*1, Petter Rønningen2, Sonnich Meier1, Bjørn Einar Grøsvik1, Vidar Lien1
1Institute of Marine Research, Norway, 2SINTEF, Strindvegen, Norway
Seasonal analysis of marine icing in the Norwegian Barents Sea
Sigurd Henrik Teigen*1, Eirik Schrøder Hansen1, Jens Christian Roth2
1Statoil ASA, Norway, 2Statoil ASA, Norway
Ice Risk Management during exploration drilling in the Hoop region
Kenneth Eik*, Pavel Liferov, Jens Christian Roth, Richard Hall
Statoil, Norway