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Part III. The Arctic's role in the global energy supply and security: Renewable energy of the Arctic and Societal aspects of Arctic Energy activities. Wednesday 21 Jan
Parallel Science sessions, 13:00-14:40
Auditorium B1005
Chair: Peter Haugan and Dag Eirik Nordgård
Invited New Renewable Energy in Northern Norway - what is the potential?
Tobias Boström
UIT The Arctic University of Norway, Norway
Cleantech energy and the Arctic: How could it be a game changer in the world energy supply?
Florian Vidal
Paris-Descartes University, France
Distributed renewable energy production in the high North.
Peter Haugan
University of Bergen, Norway
Record yield from a solar energy power plant in the Arctic
Tobias Boström*1, Øystein Kleven2, Hanna Persson2
1UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Norway, 2NORUT, Norway