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Part II. Health & environment in the Arctic: Distribution of environmental contaminants in the Arctic and human exposures. Thursday 23 Jan
Parallel science sessions, 15:50-17:05
Auditorium 2
15:50-17:05 Oral presentation
Chair: Crispin Halsall & Arja Rautio
Are high levels of environmental contaminants in the Arctic impairing human fertility: studies of semen quality and time to pregnancy.
Gunnar Toft1, Virissa Lenters3, Birgit Bjerre Høyer1, Aleksander Giwercman4, Davide Bizarrro5, Marcello Spano6, Henning Sloth Pedersen7, Pawel Strucinski8, Valentina Zviezday9, Bo Jønsson7, Jens Peter Bonde*2
1Danish Ramazzini Center, Denmark, 2Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Denmark, 3Institute for risk assessment sciences, Utrecht University, The Netherlands, 4Reproductive Medicine Center, Sweden, 5Department of Life and Environmental Sciences, Polytechnique University, Italy, 6Laboratory for Toxicology, ENEA, Italy, 7Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Lund University, Sweden, 8Center for Arctic Medicine, Greenland, 9National Institute of Public Health, Poland, 10National Medical University, Ukraine
Polymorphisms in Phase I and Phase II genes and breast cancer risk and relations to persistent organic pollutant exposure: a case-control study in Greenlandic Inuit women
Mandana Ghisari*1, Hans Eiberg2, Manhai Long1, Eva C. Bonefeld-Jørgensen1
1Centre for Arctic Health & Unit of Cellular and Molecular Toxicology, Department of Public Health, Aarhus University, Denmark, 2Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Panum Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Community-based biomonitoring to detect and monitor climate-sensitive threats to food security in Alaska
James Berner
Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, USA
Experiences in communicating contaminant risk in the circumpolar Arctic and internationally
Eva Kruemmel*1, Leanna Ellsworth1, Parnuna Egede2, Carolina Behe3, Stephanie Meakin1
1Inuit Circumpolar Council - Canada, Canada, 2Inuit Circumpolar Council - Greenland, Greenland, 3Inuit Circumpolar Council - Alaska, USA