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Part I. Live, work and stay healthy in the Arctic: Accidental hypothermia. Thursday 23 Jan
Parallel science sessions, 14:00-15:30
Auditorium 1
14:00-15:30 Oral presentations
Chair: Gary C. Sieck & Niccole Schaible
Invited Treatment of severe cold trauma in the coldest region of the world.
Mikhael Innokentevich Tomsky
Yakutia Research Center for Complex Medical Problems SB RAM., Russia
Mechanisms Responsible For Myocardial Dysfunction Following Hypothermia/ Rewarming  
Young-Soo Han*1, Gary Sieck1, Torkjel Tveita2
1Mayo Clinic, USA, 2University of Tromso, Norway
Hypothermic solutions cause reduced contractility in ventricular cardiomyocytes following rewarming
Karen McGlynn*1, Erik Sveberg Dietrichs2,3, Torkjel Tveita3,4, Godfrey Smith1
1University of Glasgow, UK, 2Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation, Norway, 3University of Tromsų, Norway, 4University Hospital of Northern Norway, Norway
Mitochondrial Disruption during Hypothermia and Rewarming in the Adult Rat Heart
Niccole Schaible*1, Young Soo Han1, Grace Arteaga1, Torkjel Tveita2, Gary Sieck1
1Mayo Clinic, USA, 2University of Tromso, Norway
Moderate hypothermia induces pro-arrhythmic changes in cardiac electrophysiology
Erik Sveberg Dietrichs*1,2, Andrew Allan3, Karen McGlynn3, Francis Burton3, Torkjel Tveita2,4, Godfrey Smith3
1Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation, Norway, 2University of Tromsų, Norway, 3University of Glasgow, UK, 4University Hospital of Northern Norway, Norway