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Part IV. Arctic search and rescue (SAR): Covering the distance. Thursday 23 Jan
Parallel science sessions, 09:00-10:30
Auditorium SVHUM E010
09:00-10:30 Oral presentations
Chair: Rikka Matala
Unmanned Aircraft for SAR in the Arctic: Opportunities and Challenges.
Rune Storvold1,2
1Norut, Norway, 2NTNU, Norway
Integrated Surveillance and Control System for Maritime Traffic along the Italian Coasts and its Evolution for the Emerging Requirements of the Arctic Environment
Mauro Varasi, Pietro Bruno, Michele Fiorini*
Finmeccanica, Italy
Remotely Piloted Aircraft In Arctic Search and Rescue Operations
Douglas Marshall*1,2, Meghan Marshall2
1New Mexico State University, USA, 2TrueNorth Consulting LLC, USA
Predicting near future vessel traffic conditions in the Arctic using data from AISSat-1
Řystein Olsen*, Andreas Nordmo Skauen, Řystein Helleren
Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt, Norway