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Part I. Live, work and stay healthy in the Arctic: Occupational health. Wednesday 22 Jan
Parallel science sessions, 13:00-14:20
Auditorium 1

13:00-13:05 Introduction by Torkjel Tveita
13:05-14:20 Oral presentations

Chair: Arne Haugan & Torkjel Tveita
Invited Work and well-being in cold
Hannu Rintamäki1,2
1Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Finland, 2Institute of Biomedicine, Department of Physiology, University of Oulu, Finland
Occupational exposure and airway symptoms in the North Norwegian red king crab industry
Marte Renate Thomassen*1, Berit Bang1, Eva Kramvik1, Marit Nøst Hegseth1, May-Helen Holm1, Merethe Larsen1, Randi Kristine Falsnes Olsen1, Gerd Sissel Andorsen1, Torgrim Fuhr1, Wijnand Eduard2, Sandip Kamath3, Andreas Lopata3, Lisbeth Aasmoe1
1University hospital of North Norway, Norway, 2National Institute of Occupational Health, Norway, 3Molecular Immunology Group, Centre for Biodiscovery and Molecular Development of Therapeutics, School of Pharmacy and Molecular Sciences, James Cook University, Australia
Clothing challenges - working environment in Arctic climate (some results from the cold wear project)
Arne Haugan*1, Hilde Færevik2, Arild Øvrum1
1Statoil asa, Norway, 2SINTEF, Norway
Understanding workers' health in the Russian mining towns of the Barents Euro-Arctic Region
Andrian Vlakhov
European University at St.Petersburg, Russia