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Part III. Arctic Marine Productivity: Spring. Wednesday 23 Jan
Parallel science sessions, 15:30-17:00
Auditorium 2
15:30-17:00 Oral presentations
Chair: Susanne Kortsch & Angelina Kraft
Ice algal biomass in the sediments - a food source in the mid-winter ecosystem in high Arctic shelf areas
Else Nøst Hegseth*1, Thomas Brown2
1University of Tromsø, Norway, 2Plymouth University, UK
Arctic spring awakening - a pan-Arctic view on processes controlling bottom ice algae blooms
Eva Leu*1, Christopher John Mundy2, Thomas Juul-Pedersen3, Tove Gabrielsen4, Michel Gosselin5
1Alfred-Wegener-Institute, Germany, 2University of Manitoba, Canada, 3Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, Greenland, 4The University Centre in Svalbard, Norway, 5Université du Québec a Rimouski, Canada
16:00-16:20. Early Career
Floating ice-algal aggregates below melting Arctic sea ice: hotspots of biological activity and an important food source for the ice-associated fauna
Philipp Assmy*1, Arild Sundfjord1, Haakon Hop1, Jens K. Ehn2, Mar Fernández-Méndez3,4, Svein Kristiansen5, Gunnar Spreen1, Agnieszka Tatarek6, Katrin Bluhm7, Malin Daase1, Agneta Fransson1, Mats A. Granskog1, Stephen Hudson1, Christina A. Pedersen1, Angelika H.H. Renner1, Jozef Wiktor6
1Norwegian Polar Institute, Norway, 2University of Manitoba, Canada, 3Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany, 4Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, Germany, 5University of Tromsø, Norway, 6Institute of Oceanology, Poland, 7Akvaplan-niva, Norway
Fate of the Arctic spring bloom:  Impact of microzooplankton, mesozooplankton and diel vertical migrations.
Clare Webster*1, Teresa Silva2, Ana Sofia Ferreira3, Ingrid Wiedmann4, Julie Sainmont3, Thomas Juul-Pedersen5, Torkel Nielsen3, Øystein Varpe6, Andrew Brierley1
1University of St Andrews, UK, 2Marine Research Institute, Iceland, 3National Institute of Aquatic Resources, Denmark, 4University of Tromsø, Norway, 5Greenland Institue of Natural Resources, Greenland, 6Akvaplan-niva, Norway
16:40-17:00. Early Career