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Part III. Arctic Marine Productivity: Climate. Thursday 24 Jan
Parallel science sessions, 10:45-12:05
Auditorium 2
10:45-12:05 Oral presentations
Chair: Jordan Grigor & Daniela Freese
Changes in Arctic Sea Ice Result in Increasing Light Transmission
Marcel Nicolaus*1, Christian Katlein1, James Maslanik2, Stefan Hendricks1
1Alfred Wegener Institute, Germany, 2University of Colorado, USA
Reading Between the Lines: Bivalve Growth Rate and Isotopic Variability Across the Barents Sea Polar Front
Michael Carroll*1, William Ambrose1,2, William Locke2, Stuart Ryan2, Beverly Johnson2
1Akvaplan-niva, Norway, 2Bates College, USA
Formation of plankton communities structure under oceanographic condition impact in the arctic Barents and Kara Seas in 2006-2011
Emma Orlova, Vladimir Boitsov, Viktor Ivshin, Andrey Dolgov*, Valentina Nesterova, Irina Prokopchuk
Polar Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography (PINRO), Russia
Deep-water sponge assemblages in the south-western Barents Sea - balancing their ecosystem role with increasing human activities
Sabine Cochrane*, Marianne Frantzen, Perrine Geraudie
Akvaplan-niva, Norway